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Board Rules
« on: January 14, 2017, 05:59:54 PM »
Board Rules

Following are our Board Rules which are mandatory for each member of the forum to follow:

1. Its compulsory for each newly registered member to introduce himself/herself in the Instructions section.

2. Please do not make repeat copy posts or Spam the forum with any links as both of these are not allowed.

3. Please complete your initial 50 Posts to be able to PM other members and to be able to see the E-Mail Vendors section & The Private section for members with post count above 50. Posts made in the OFF TOPIC area do not count towards your 50 Posts.

4. Do NOT in any case use foul or abusive language, Absurd behavior and sarcastic words may result in Banning from the forum.

5. Be polite and to the point. Its wise to stay calm and cool. Give respect to others.

6. We do not allow maintaining more than one account.

7. Members are not allowed to post receive names.

8.Do not in any case share passwords or any kind of information that may provide others access to your account. If you have lost your password or having trouble signing in or signing up, please contact the administration.

9. We in any case do not allow discussion of Schedule A or Schedule 1 Drugs on our forum.

10. Please avoid discussion on ROA (Routes of Administration). You may be banned on the spot. This means you may not discuss how one gets the medicine inside one's body via any means but by mouth.

11. No recreational talk, No shipping details, No packing details, No receiver details, No payment details, No payment methods, No shipping methods, No country of origin are allowed to be discussed by any member or vendor on this forum. You may not offer to trade your medicine with another member of this forum. Banning will ensue. If you need to discuss any of the above captioned details about a vendor, please keep them to PMs only. EDIT: PLEASE POST WHEN RECEIVED ONLY ESPECIALLY IN THREADS EXPERIENCING LETTERS OF INTERDICTION.  *DO NOT POST ORDERING DATE, PLEASE.*

12. If you want to discuss about packing please post it being discrete or not discrete. No more information above that is allowed to be posted.

13.  Posting of spam Pornography will result in immediate banning and you will have your IP blocked permanently.

14. If you find someone breaking the Rules PLEASE DONT BE THE ONE TO CONFRONT P THE MEMBER, Instead please report the post or the thread or the problem to the Administration and we would take care of it ourselves by maintaining your anonymity.

15.Our vendors are our members as well and as important as our other members are. They deserve the same respect as any of the Board Members does.

16. We would not allow abusing or insulting any of our Vendors in any case. If you have an issue with the vendor simply post the issue without revealing any details that may compromise your or the vendors security.

17. DO NOT in any case discuss the medication you ordered openly in any vendors thread. Please post only your experience from payment to delivery and reviews of the product you received whether good or bad.

18. We only allow Vendors in the IOPList area who can post on our forum and update their clients by helping them resolve their order issues or by updating them with any kind of helpful info from time to time.

19.If you think any vendor is good, Please DO NOT post about that vendor in the IOPList area, Instead post about that vendor in the SUGGEST IOPs Area. Its up to the Administration to move that vendor to the IOPList area if the vendor has good reviews from our senior and trusted members and if the member is willing to post on the forum to update our members.

20. Vendors would not be allowed to post price lists or product links in the IOPList Area.

21. We have a dedicated place where vendors can post their offers and discounts by the name of IOP Discounts, Offers & More. Vendors can post their price lists or any kind of offers only here under their own thread. Be sure to post only those price lists rates on which do not change over time.

22. We would not allow vendors to have multiple threads containing your links. Any multiple threads of the same vendor in the same forum area would be deleted along with your membership and any posts your made.

23.Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to post in any other Vendors thread, unless they are genuinely trying to help.

24. Senior Members and our VIP Members must learn that other junior members will follow your lead, so please be extra careful with any move that you make as that would result in an impression on our other members.

25.We cant train all of our members and keep posting in each thread to follow this or that rule. Please train yourselves and learn to keep up with the rules.

26. If we have banned any member, it is for a reason. Please DO NOT question the Administration over the banning of any member by PMing us or by creating a specific thread on why that member was blocked.

27. Stay like a family. Dont dishearten or offend any other members with harsh words. We welcome you all as a family.

28. Any members violating any of the above mentioned rules would be banned permanently with no second chances given to join the forum.
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